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What is a video phone estimate?
Select a date, time, and the best method to connect with you through video on your phone. Make yourself available for your selected 15 minutes, and connect with a local A+ BBB rated Denver auto-hail repair expert face-to-face right over your phone.
The video conference starts with us looking at your car together and assessing the damage. We will need to know where and when the car was hit with hail…the more specific, the better. Based on the provided information we furnish you with: 
        • Total cost of repair
        • How long the repair will take
        • Our shops availability
        • Our deductable and rental car assistance information
        • Answers to any of your questions
EAR BUDS! Wear them if you got em!
Park your car in the shade if possible…Not completely necessary, but helpful.
Please make sure your camera lens is clean.